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Dj Chrissy

We are happy to Have DJ Chrissy on our Weekend Line up every Saturday Night at 11pm EST. We promise you will truly enjoy her sets as she tells a story with her music and takes so much pride in her sets. She is unlike anyone we have heard in a long time. We hope you enjoy. Please be sure to follow her and send her some love.


Dj Aga

Catch Dj Aga Every Saturday Night at Midnight, In the Mix with Short Circuit and Sometimes Live! (Coming Soon from MaineStreet Ogunquit, Maine)


DJ Andrea Stamas

DJ Andrea Stamas takes over Late Nights, or is it early morning? If you seen her Twitch and heard her sets, She will surely shock you with her amazing Blends and music selections!


DJ Jimmy Tilt

Jimmy mixes pop, club, house, disco, divas and anthems, spins them on the Tilt-A-Whirl, and takes you on a sonic carnival ride.  Jimmy is all about fun, upbeat, energetic dance music to get your party started. So strap on your dancing shoes, light up your disco ball and get ready to go Full Tilt.

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